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Question:  When does registration open?
Answer:  Spring registration typically opens in early December and closes around the first of February; however, this is subject to change based on capacity limitations, so we strongly encourage you to consider registering your player(s) as early as possible. Fall registration opens in mid July and runs through late August. Check specific dates each year on the MPTLL Calendar
Question:  How do I register?
Answer:  Online at http://www.mptll.org by clicking the registration link available on our homepage during open registration periods.  Additionally, MPTLL will host a walk-up registration each year at Dick's Sporting Goods at Southpark as well as various Grier Heights locations. Parents can find those specific dates, times, and locations by checking the league calendar
Question:  Do you offer scholarships?
Answer:  Yes, thanks to our generous sponsors, we can offer partial and full scholarships utilizing the local school system free lunch program as a guide. To inquire about obtaining a scholarship, please click this link to complete a scholarship request. 
Question: Can I request that we are placed on a team that only practices or play games on specific days of the week?
Answer: There is really no way to guarantee that a player can be placed on a team with a certain schedule. Several factors are in play. Except for T-Ball, all other players are drafted by the coaches, i.e. the league does not create the teams. Also, the practice schedules for all age groups and leagues tend to rotate somewhat during the year. This allows the League to balance the fields, time slots and days of the week.
Question:  When does MPTLL transition to the next "Age Chart" (for example 2019 to 2020)?
Answer:  MPTLL and Little League International use 8/31 as the age determination date each year. As a result parents registering players for the Fall season should understand their player is considered one year older than their previous spring season. The fall season marks the beginning of a new calendar year for Little League so parents should use the age chart for the next spring season. Example; if a parent is registering their player in August 2019 then they should reference the 2020 Little League Age Chart to determine their players little league age.  As a reminder the fall season at MPTLL is a developmental league focused on preparing players for the next level they will play in the upcoming spring season.  During the fall scores are not kept and standings aren't monitored.