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Myers Park Trinity Challenge Softball
Each spring, Myers Park Trinity participates in the newly formed Char-Meck Challenge Softball Program for all age groups.  The mission of Char-Meck Challenge Softball is to introduce competitive play to its rec players as an enhancement to rec play without the commitment and expense of a full-time travel program.  The focus will be primarily on providing a fun and exciting experience for all interested players.  During the spring season, there are typically three scheduled one day tournaments.  Be sure to check the Char-Meck schedule for those specific dates each year.
All Char-Meck leagues will work to field teams in all age groups including 8U, 10U, 13U and 16U.  If Myers Park Trinity does not have enough qualified players to field a complete team, we will submit interested players to the Metro team pool for consideration.  There will be a separate try out for the Metro team.
It is expected that your commitment will be for all three tournaments and an additional practice once/week in addition to your normal rec team schedule.    
Tryouts are typically held the first or second weekend in February.  If your daughter is interested in trying out for a Challenge team, then please make sure to register for the tryouts.  If your daughter is selected to a softball challenge team there will be an additional cost which will be communicated at the tryout. 
Tournament locations will also be announced at a later date, but all will be within the Char-Meck league.  Challenge softball is a fun and exciting program and we hope you will actively join us in making it a great experience for everyone.  For more information, please contact MPTLL Softball coordinator at .